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  • Chris Straker

A Poem

Catastrophic Implosion

He’s in God’s hands now.

The kiss of his beloved on his cheek

Grows warmer as he descends,

And as pressure builds in his ears

And the endeavor he’s chosen to undertake

Becomes all too suddenly real,

Her lingering kiss threatens to sear

Straight through his cheek.

A fool’s errand will reap no spoils.



In the dark of the deep

Where pounding hearts may,

For some agonizing moments,

Drown out the hiss of the craft.


A great and terrible groan,

A shudder,

A pop.

God turns away his face.

He comes to a final rest on that lightless floor,

Away from the prying eyes and hands of men

And the sweet kiss of his love.


Be still.


Chris Straker is a writer born and based in Queens. Find more of his work at

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