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  • Sean Phillips

A Poem

I Saw 10 Thousand Fireflies Today

You wouldn't believe how many dragonflies I saw today.

They came out with the sun and filled the field like 10 thousand golden snitches.

I don't know what they eat; there was a mushroom at my feet

And it looked like a rose.

There was 10 thousand goldenrods.

"They are invasive and need to be eradicated."

I think they make me sneeze but they're beautiful.

I picked vegetables for you in the gardens.

The richest red cherry tomatoes I stole for myself off the vine and warm from the

day's sun. So sweet you get they're a fruit.

Piper ran and fetched and I biked in circles around the driveway in my bare feet.

I biked more and went down the street to a hilltop where you can see for miles

Rolling hills of corn, and grazing pastures.

I went and stood at the feet of my tree.

I became we and there was nothing to see.

There was nothing to see.


Sean Phillips was a medical student and neurobiologist at UW-Madison who dropped out of school after experiencing a profound shift in consciousness and moved to NYC. He self-published his first book of poetry, Eye of Reason in 2022 and continues writing as well as running Rounding Edges - an educational platform for cultivating inner peace through free virtual guided meditations, discussions, and Q&A. Website:

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