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  • Clara Walker

Three Pieces

Selected Pieces, Untitled


Clara Walker is an interdisciplinary artist from New York. She is currently working on producing an EP which will be released in November. She is also learning High Valyrian and recovering from COVID.

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It is 2011 and Reggie Bush is holding me. “Did you know I rushed for over 3,000 yards in college?” “No,” I say. “But I love you anyway.” “I want to take Klonopin until I am poisoned enough to die,” he

Originally published in Roi Fainéant Press You seen them boys before? You know the ones, those three boys from the borough of Queens who pedal down the street machine-gun fast like a blender from hell

Bristol Student Housing alone on the floor in the Bristol Student Housing rooms. a bus-ride from London – a weekend to visit a friend who quickly got drunk in ecstatic reunion, left the bar at 11 forg

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